Who Is Andrew Rannells’ Boyfriend?

Andrew Rannells shines on screen and on stage. The Tony-nominated Broadway actor had a stellar performance in “The Book of Mormon” while also diving into television as part of the dark comedy series “Black Monday.” 

As a proud gay man, Rannells enjoys playing queer characters as long as they aren’t stereotypical and flat, he revealed in an interview with Esquire. “I feel like I get that question a lot—that don’t you feel like it’s limiting to only play gay people, don’t you feel like you’re being pigeonholed?” he told the outlet. “And my response to that is always: that implies that there’s only one type of gay person. You can be a whole lot of different things and be gay.” 

It was one of those gay acting roles that serve as the meet cute for his current relationship. In 2018, Rannells got a role in the 50th anniversary production of “The Boys in The Band” along with several other openly-gay actors, including his boyfriend Tuc Watkins (via Playbill). 

Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins have worked in several projects together

Just like Andrews Rannells, Tuc Watkins has a history of acting on and off screen with several productions also including Rannells. In the play “The Boys in The Band,” Rannells and Watkins played lovers Larry and Hank without knowing that they will soon become a real-life couple. The duo reenacted their romance on screen for the movie version of the play released in 2020 (via IMDb). The couple also acted as an on-screen couple in the television show “Black Monday.” Rannells plays a bisexual character with a wife and a secret boyfriend, played by Watkins.

In an interview with Out Magazine, Rannells talked about the experience of shooting sex scenes for “Black Monday” with your real-life partner. “All of a sudden I had this realization that I was surrounded by the crew who had now become friends of mine. I thought I wonder if they’re thinking, ‘So that’s what it looks like. That’s what they do at home,” Ranells recalled. “All that said, it was much easier to do it with someone that you know.”

Whenever they aren’t acting, the couple seems to enjoy doing exercise together as shown by a photo published by Just Jared which shows them wearing tank tops and shorts while doing an afternoon run around their neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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