Will Princess Beatrice Get Married In 2021? Her Reported Plans Have Changed

OK, so with the world essentially on shut down for the foreseeable future, will Princess Beatrice push her wedding to 2021? Sources are saying that she and fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are reportedly considering it so that they can have a big wedding. "As the granddaughter of the Queen, it seems unfair that Bea would have had to hide her nuptials from the public when her younger sister Eugenie did not have to," a source reportedly told The Daily Mail. "Eugenie’s wedding was televised and watched by three million viewers in the UK alone." (Not sure that’s a relevant point considering the decision to not televise Beatrice’s wedding was made back in January, well before the United Kingdom placed strict restrictions on social gatherings due to the coronavirus.)

"Beatrice and Eugenie’s profiles and workload will increase after the departure of Harry and Meghan," the source reportedly continued. "Beatrice wants to show the public that she will never shirk her civic duties. She wants the public to see her as an individual, and not to be judged for the mistakes of her father. By next year, it would be wonderful if she could hold her head up high as she walks down the aisle in front of hundreds of people."

If the reports of her wanting a big wedding are true, they definitely indicate a change of heart for the princess, who was originally supposed to get married on May 29 in a private ceremony at the Chapel Royal, which only seats 150 people. I know 150 may seem like a lot of people to normal folk, but to put it in perspective Beatrice’s sister Eugenie got married at St. George’s chapel, which seats 800 people.

By March, the couple was reportedly considering an even smaller ceremony due to new restrictions placed upon them due to the coronavirus. “Friends say restrictions on large gatherings, and the fear of the impact of coronavirus on the older generation, made the decision inevitable," The Daily Mail reported on March 20. "Now the couple are deciding what they will do. Extraordinarily, they are weighing up the possibility of a behind-closed-doors ‘elopement’-style wedding that will feature just five people: the bride, groom, priest, and two witnesses."

So, the idea that they’re now jonesing for a huge wedding definitely sounds a little out of character and fishy. But, hey. Who knows?

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