Zayn Malik Caught Leaving Gigi Hadid’s NYC Pad Again, Fueling Rumors They’re Back Together

OMG! Zayn Malik was caught exiting Gigi Hadid’s New York apartment building yet again! Should we be expecting confirmation of a reunion between them?! Check out the pic!

Desperately hoping Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik declare their love for each other following their split?! Get in line! Well rest easy, fans, because the 25-year-old pop star was once again spotted leaving his super model ex’s apartment in New York City, igniting speculation that they are definitely patching things up! Zayn maintained a low profile while strolling out of the swanky building in a ball cap and shades while rocking a graphic tee featuring some beloved Warner Bros. cartoon characters. Cute and stylish!

As diehard fans know, this isn’t the first time Zayn has been seen near the 23-year-old stunner’s NYC home since they parted ways. On April 29, the crooner and his beautiful ex were seen sharing a passionate kiss on the lips while out on the street together! And let’s not forget when Zayn was spotted exiting Gigi’s apartment building on April 19 wearing the exact same clothes that he had on the night before, prompting fans to wonder if this was a walk of shame!

We previously reported that Zayn has apologized to Gigi before they decided to take another shot at love. “Zayn made an epic apology to Gigi prior to them getting back together. He promised her that he would do better, treat her better and he told her he’d be a more caring boyfriend,” a source close to the pair told EXCLUSIVELY. Also in his apology, “Zayn promised to always put Gigi first. After weeks of him begging and pleading, she is seeing him again… for now.”

It doesn’t sound like they are standing on solid ground quite yet but it’s exciting to know that they are giving it another shot! Now, we’ve got to patiently wait for confirmation of this renewed relationship! Here’s hoping it arrives soon!

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