Zayn Malik May Have Confirmed That Taylor Swift Sometimes Travels Inside Luggage

One of the crazier things that I totally believed in my early days at Dlisted was the story that Taylor Swift was so sick of paparazzi stalking her ass that she just dove into a box (hehehe) and was moved right by them without them being able to take a photo of her doing her usual traipse to the gym, to Candy Land, or to Karlie Kloss’. Alas, Tay’s team is a buch of fuddy-duddies, and they made SPIN (who wrote the original story) retract their reporting. What they didn’t count on was a former boy bander going rogue and ratting her out!

— SPIN 1038 (@spin1038) July 17, 2017

Vogue U.K.  interviewed Zayn, and I have a feeling he may have caused things to be a little awkward between his girlfriend Gigi Hadid and her BFF Tay. I guess Zayn was talking about working with Tay on that song they did for one of the 50 Shades Of Grey movies, and he blabbed, “She was travelling around in a suitcase.” Oh! He said it was her way of getting around avoiding paparazzi, and I’m sure she just loved that he shared that. I’d watch it if I were you, Zayn! To punish  you, she may bring back the Fourth of July party just to be able to force you into eating her patriotic baked goods and sulk in a corner watching her gaggle Yankee Doodle pop stars squeal at how they broke free from your native land.


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