10 of the most dangerous DIY jobs you should always avoid – from stripping paint to dealing with dishwashers

WHEN something needs doing around the house, it can often be easier to turn it into a DIY job and crack on with sprucing it up yourself.

However, experts are warning that tasks you were probably happy to throw yourself into can actually be considered pretty dangerous and might be best avoided.

From stripping old paintwork on the walls to dealing with dodgy dishwashers, there are several tasks that on the surface seem more cost effective if you reach out for the toolbox yourself.

But property expert Gregory Smith at Price Your Job is warning DIY fans to reconsider, as he reveals the 10 most dangerous jobs around the house that should be left to the professionals.

1 – Stripping old paintwork

Removing old paint from your walls or even the garden doesn't seem like too much of a task, but Gregory warns it can be detrimental to your health.

If paintwork predates the 1970s, then it could mean that lead-based paint product has been used and exposure – even to low levels of lead – can cause serious problems like kidney, nerve and brain damage, as well as infertility.

Don't want to take the risk? Then a paint specialist can quickly be called in to do it for you.

2 – Fitting/Fixing a Dishwasher

If you're in the market for a new dishwasher or you've noticed you're having some trouble with the one you have at home, it's probably best to call in a plumber.

Trying to tackle it yourself can be complex and if installed incorrectly, you could be faced with leaks and water damage in your home. Gregory says: "As dishwashers use both electricity and water, there are also strict guidelines in place regarding how dishwashers should be installed.

"A professional will have the knowledge and equipment necessary for the installation process."

3 – Plumbing Problems

Similarly, any plumbing issue can be potentially dangerous, with even the smallest leaks of leaks signifying a much bigger problem at hand.

Quick fixes can often lead to flooding disasters, which in turn could end up costing you thousands in repairs and replacing damaged goods.

4 – Sanding the Patio

With summer just around the corner, people are sprucing up their gardens so that they're ready and waiting for them to kick back in when the sun wants to put on a show.

Sanding down a porch or garden patio is often up there on the to-do list, the process can produce excessive amounts of dust.

The dust contains high levels of crystalline silica and prolonged exposure to this can cause breathing difficulties and, in extreme cases, silicosis – a form of lung disease.

5 – Roof Repairs

Throw in heights to any DIY job and that automatically poses a risk – one misplaced step could not only ruin the job, but lead to fatal fall too.

No matter how sure-footed you think you are, Gregory recommends calling in a professional roofer when it comes to investigating any issues on the roof, as DIY work on it could lead to potential leaks and drainage issues – and the roof could collapse under any weight.

6 – Tackling Pests

As it gets hotter, the risk of attracting pests like mice, flies and ants. To tackle the infestation it often requires the use of strong poisons and chemical pesticides.

Such substances around the home can be dangerous, especially around children and pests. A professional exterminator will not only be able to uncover how they are coming into your home, but the best way to safely treat the situation.

7 – Playing With Electrics

Any electrical work poses a potential risk, even if it's simply replacing a lightbulb that's gone or changing a fuse.

Electrical wires that have been installed correctly are a common cause of fires, so why take the risk when a licensed electrician has all the expertise and the qualifications to tackle any problems.

8 – Knocking Down Walls

Sure taking a sledgehammer to an unwanted wall in your house sounds like a fun idea and an excellent way to release some pent up frustration, but before you start swinging, you might want to consider that it's actually far more dangerous than it seems.

Crucial checks need to be made first, like checking the interior wall is not load bearing, as tearing down the wall could result in your home becoming structurally unsound and at risk of collapse.

9 – Replacing a Gas Cooker

A gas cooker is not a job to tackle yourself. Gas is poisonous and flammable and natural gas is clear making it one of the most deadliest unseen elements in your home.

Gregory says: "It is essential to have a licensed gas fitter to carry out the work… leaking gas lines can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or lead to an explosion in your home."

Bringing in a professional is best to avoid any faulty connections and improper installation.

10 – Taking Down Trees

Overgrown trees can be a pain in the garden, but getting rid of any unwanted trunks is not an easy task and requires a well-equipped team.

Climbing a tree to tackle its overgrown branches poses the risk of you falling or even injuring somebody else as they fall to the ground.

"It only takes cutting one heavy branch in the wrong direction to damage neighbouring properties, which could lead to an expensive bill to repair the ruin," Gregory warns. "Call a professional team, who have more than just a chainsaw to removes trees and branches safely."

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