4 easy cleaning hacks that will keep your bathroom fresh and clean for under £2

A CLEANING professional has shared a variety of easy-to-follow tricks that will ensure your bathroom feels fresh and clean all week long.

If you don't enjoy laborious cleaning tasks then these tricks are especially for you, as each one takes only a matter of minutes to complete. And even better, they're incredibly affordable.

Posting to her TikTok account under the username @mama_mila_, Chantel Mila updatesher followers with a variety of cleaning hacks.

In one popular upload she has shared the four cleaning hacks that will change theway you clean your bathroom

Firstly she recommends that you dry your toilet brush in the toilet seat after using. This will help avoid having any drips fall on the bathroom floor, which would be another mess for you to clean up.

Her next tip will help make your bathroom feel like a hotel, as she shared how to neatly fold toilet paper.

"To make toilet paper fancy fold [the end] into a triangle and seal it against your tap," she recommended.

The next tip involves tea tree oil, which can be bought for as cheap as £1.99 from Amazon.

"Add three drops of essential oil inside the roll to keep your bathroom smelling amazing," Chantel said.

"Use a mix of white vinegar, dish soap and tea tree oil for a scrub free, sparkling clean."

Her last hack is incredibly affordable, as you can purchase a bottle of white vinegar for as cheap as £0.29 from Tesco.

Dish soap can be purchased for as little as £0.33 and you can use the same bottle of tea tree oil for £1.99.

Chantel's followers are always wowed by her tips and tricks and love to share their thoughts in the comments.

"Omg the toilet brush one. Genius," one person said.

"It's the little extras that make a room elevated," someone else commented.

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