6 Jacket Trends You'll Be Lusting After This Fall

6 Jacket Trends You’ll Be Lusting After This Fall

While the weather might not always be great, fashion girls everywhere love Fall for one reason and one reason only: the cute jackets we get to wear. When that first cool day blows in, they’re a great item to throw over our favorite breezy blouses and flowy midi skirts, giving our Summer staples another bit of life.

This season, you’ll find yourself lusting after belted jackets that will show off your waist, trench coats that will make a statement, and comfortable yet incredibly stylish windbreakers. So before you have to stock up on cold-weather essentials, read on to get a closer look at the jacket styles and silhouettes that should be stocked in your closet this Fall.

  • Revisited Windbreakers
  • The New Trench Coat
  • Statement Denim
  • Belt It Up
  • Plenty of Plaid
  • Leather With a Difference

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