A 72-year-old bride has finally agreed to get married after turning down 42 proposals in 42 years

74-year-old Colin Jones had asked his girlfriend Pauline Young, 72, to marry him 42 times before she eventually agreed to be his wife.

Proposing every year since the couple first met in 1976, Colin had given up hope that Pauline would say yes – but was stunned when the pensioner decided to pop the question herself last year.

The couple were wed last month on Valentine's Day, at an intimate church ceremony followed by drinks and cake at Pauline's care home.

"When Pauline asked me, I almost fell off the bed," said Colin from Maidenhead.

"I'd been asking her all this time so now she was asking me, I said 'of course I will'."

The couple – who have been together for 43 years – met through their children who went to the same playgroup.

"We literally lived and worked together for 43 years, I have been floating on air ever since," said Colin.

"People say they've been together years but really they have maybe an hour before work and then they see each other in the evenings – we were always together.

"When we saw each other it was instant, we fell in love – hook, line and sinker.

"The magic of life allows you to meet people like Pauline, our marriage was a combination of our 43 years together."

The couple initially lived in Newtown, Wales before moving to Malta 14 years ago where they ran a bed and breakfast.

Pauline, who was diagnosed with rare neurological condition, Corticobasal Degeneration, made the decision to return to the UK three years ago.

Colin now splits his time between Malta and Pauline's care home, St Georges Park Nursing Home in Telford.

"We absolutely loved our business, but fourteen years ago there were a few signs Pauline wasn’t too well, so we packed it all in and moved to Gozo," said Colin.

"We never found anywhere we were really comfortable until Gozo, it is very laidback – it suited us down to the ground.

"We had to work together, getting separate jobs would have meant being apart, which we never wanted.

"But eventually I could see a deterioration. It was very slow at first, but it started to become more noticeable.

"It was not discernible to other people, but when you’re that close to someone you really are that close to them."

‘When you’re actually living and working with somebody you pick up on the small changes straight away," Colin continued.

"When Pauline moved to the care home, she felt at home.

"They made her feel so welcome and safe, science doesn’t really have an answer to the condition."

While the loved-up couple had some difficulty in getting their legal affairs in order in time for an official marriage, St Georges Methodist Church kindly offered a blessing service on Valentine's Day.

"I had given up all hope of us getting married, I thought it would never ever happen," explained Colin.

"It was a real mix of emotions, I was surprised, I was worried.

"But we gradually worked through it and now here we are.

"The service was a blessing ceremony, but as far as we’re concerned it’s a marriage, it’s a show of love."

"The vicar has been absolutely incredible. She wrote out a whole service as close as she could to a wedding service," Colin continued.

"The care home did the reception, they said it was their wedding present to us.

"The home has bent over backwards for us, it’s really unbelievable.

"There is so much love here at the moment. Everyone round about us is so happy."

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