A coach trip to Primark, spree in B&M & Greggs' lunch – MAFSA Jessika Power’s UK Bucket List leaves people in hysterics

LUNCH at Greggs, a trip to Birmingham's Primark and a B&M haul – it's our dream Bucket List.

Married at First Sight Australia star Jessika Power, rumoured to be in the UK for I'm a Celeb, has left people in hysterics with what she wants to do.

There's no trips to Stonehenge, Edinburgh or the National Portrait Gallery for her.

Instead she, er, wants to 'Make friends with 'chavs'' (her words, not ours).

And she is desperate for a romantic weekend in.. Bradford.

She's also keen to develop a Scouse accent and visit Primark via coach. Not forgetting a a spree at B&M (Jess: make sure you download the app for bargains) and lunch at Greggs.

She is itching for 'cocktails with the girls' at a Wetherspoons pub – at least she won't have trouble finding one.

She's keen to drink Irn Bru in Scotland and do something – not specified – in Wales.

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More typical of most tourists' Bucket Lists, she does want to visit Buckingham Palace.

People suggested she rethink aspects of her list – although we love it.

"OMG please don't do this list! You will never come back to the UK again! Spoons, Greggs and Primark," said one person.

Another added: "I'm dying at some of these. Can't wait to see your reaction to actually doing some of these. Mainly spoons and Bradford."

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