A coffee company is looking to pay somebody £24,000 to quit their job and travel the world – The Sun

A COFFEE company is looking to pay someone £24,000 to quit their job and pursue their dreams around the world.

SToK Cold Brew Coffee is looking for three people to take a ‘Stok-battical’ – and they’ll pay them to do it.

The company is encouraging people to quit their jobs and go on an adventure, from climbing ice mountains to swimming with sharks.

They’re handing over $30,000 (£24,432) to the lucky trio, who have to submit their dream idea in no more than 300 words.

The website said: “Time to take a stok-battical and get paid to pursue your passion.

“Are you sitting at your desk struggling over what font to use or which formula to plug into your spreadsheet?

“It might finally be time to temporarily fire yourself and apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Seriously. There’s so much awesome out there in the world. What are you waiting for?!”

Under the list of ‘qualifications and responsibilities’, people need to have an “awesome STōK-bbatical dream”, and enjoy snapping selfies for social media.

The company has even drafted a resignation letter for anyone who is inspired to quit their job.

The fine print says the successful applicants will receive £16,288 ($20,000) towards “flights, lodging and your STōK-bbatical experience”, and £8,144 ($10,000) to spend.

Anyone interested will have have to take their trip by December 15.

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