A guy I was talking to sent me the rudest text ever – he told me the value of women has an expiration date

A WOMAN has taken to the internet to recall some of the most insulting messages she claims she received from men.

In one shocking supposed conversation, a guy told her the value of women has an expiration date.

“I’m gonna rate conversations I’ve had with men,” the woman, who goes by @whoisjuuuuu on TikTok, said at the top of her video.

Arguably the most offensive conversation screenshot shown in the video began with a man complimenting her for her looks and uniqueness.

He even called her “flawless” and said she would get nothing but passion and “respect” from him.

When the woman – who said she did not actually know the man – turned the man down, the conversation took an unpleasant turn.

In a second screenshot, the man wrote: “But it’s at least a five-year plan.

“After that your (sic) done.

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“But maybe it’s my mindset.”

And when the woman asked her pursuer what he meant by that, he said her charm, looks, and personality won't be valid forever.

“When u are in America after like 23-25 woman (sic) are less valued in my opinion,” he replied.

“Where’s that respect and love you were talking about?” the TikToker said in her video.

Yet another conversation she shared showed a guy crudely asking when they were going to have sex.

In an attempt to troll him, she told him February 30.

He got upset because February wasn’t until the following year – but he missed her point.

February 30 is a date that does not exist, even in a leap year.

People were stunned by the comments the TikToker received in her conversations with her potential love interests, with one viewer saying: “The second man rlly (sic) had [the] audacity to talk about [the] value of women.”

Another added: “These guys are stupid.

“That ok though it gives you someone to laugh about.”

Unfortunately, the TikToker is not the first person to receive offensive text messages from potential partners.

One woman claimed her date called her the c-word in a message that was meant for his friend.

Another person received such infuriating messages from a man she went on a first date with, she swore off dating for good.

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