Adele reveals she uses a £62 reward chart to teach her five-year-old son to do his fair-share of jobs

It's been revealed that she rewards her son Angelo, five, stars for chores he completes.

In a picture she released on Instagram to toast the Royal Wedding a Gobs of Jobs star chart is clearly visible.

And Angelo has won three stars already in a week.

Felt stars are awarded for all sorts of jobs including laundry, going to bed on time and brushing your teeth.

Children can also pick them up for "doing a good deed", "kissing mum or dad" and "combing my hair".

  • Gobs of Jobs star chart, £62, Crate and Barrel – buy now

The chart has brilliant reviews online.

One customer said: "This has my three-year-old  so excited to earn stars he wants chores everyday. I am beyond happy with my purchase.

"Plus the design allows it to be displayed without being an eyesore. My family loves it!"

The Gobs of Jobs Activity Chart usually sells for £62.94, but is currently on sale on the Crate And Barrel website, for £39.81.

In January 2018 Adele organised Alan Carr's wedding to Paul Drayton and even let the couple hold the ceremony in her and Simon's garden.

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