Alexander Wang Is Selling A $1000 Leather Cooler For All Your Summer Picnics

Last week, Bella Hadid and Alexander Wang landed a truly unexpected campaign as the new faces of Magnum Ice Cream.

The designer and model lent their fashion prowess to the ice cream brand, posing fiercely with some Magnum bars, as you of course do.

Along with their campaign images and video, the duo also teased a “big announcement” at Cannes Film Festival this week. Would Bella be accessorizing with Magnum bars on the red carpet? Would Alexander Wang be designing a red carpet gown made entirely of Magnum ice cream bar wrappers for the model? While sadly neither of those things happened, Wang and Magnum did announce a new collaboration in Cannes today: a $995 black leather Alexander Wang cooler.

Yes, finally: a cooler that matches your true aesthetic and is willing to sweat to death wearing all black, despite the fact that it’s summer and hot AF outside.

Can you believe we’ve made it this long without black leather Alexander Wang coolers in our lives? We’ve been toting our food in dainty little baskets and doing picnics wrong this entire time. Imagine if only Julie Andrews had gotten her hands on one of these Wang coolers for The Sound of Music:

Total game-changer. Now we can all be downtown party girls while basking in an outdoor picnic and really, what more could you ask for?

While $995 may be slightly outlandish for a cooler, can you really put a price on looking like this while eating ice cream?

I rest my case.


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