Amazing moment mum breaks down in tears after kids gift her identical engagement ring to one she sold to pay bills

THIS is the emotional moment a mum is gifted an engagement ring by her children – after selling her previous one to pay the bills.

Kim Rowell, who works for the BBC, gave Fabulous permission to share the heartwarming video of her mum Denise receiving the ring.

Kim, an executive producer at BBC Three, said: "My mum had to sell her engagement ring to pay our bills when I was a kid – today we gave her a replacement."

In the video Denise opens a box which gets smaller and smaller. "It's like a Russian doll," laughed Kim.

"It gets smaller and smaller," a male voice says.

Realising what it is Denise says: "It's beautiful – and pretty much exactly the same."

She then breaks down in tears. "Thank you so much."

"I think nanny needs a cuddle," her children say.

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