ASDA is selling THREE crates of booze for just £21… and it will make your next BBQ a bargain

The boxes hold between six and 12 bottles, meaning you could get 36 drinks for around 58p each with the mix-and-match offer. Bargain!

If you're throwing a BBQ anytime soon, you need to get in on this offer – which includes 10-packs of Strongbow Dark Fruits and Kopparberg apple or pear, which normally cost £10 a pop.

Or you can pick up a 12-pack of lagers like Sol, Kronenbourg, Carling, Amstel, Fosters, Becks, Stella, Budweiser and Coors Light.

If it's alcopops you're after, there's also a 10-piece mixed pack of VKs included in the deal.

Or stock up on cider with fruity Magners and Bulmers, in both can and bottle forms.

There's even a six-pack of Classic Ales in the deal – so you can cover all the bases next time you're hosting at home.

And don't worry about dragging your booze haul home, it's available online with home delivery too. You can shop the range here.

In more boozy news, you can now buy Fab lolly cocktails for just £4… and they’re perfect for a scorching summer.

While thousands of Brits have signed a petition to bring Turkey Twizzlers back to schools, so where do YOU stand?

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