From Asda to Waitrose and Tesco, Great British Bake Off champion finds out which high street lemon drizzle is the best

We told yesterday how lemon drizzle had knocked previous chart-topper the Victoria sponge into third place, with carrot cake now second in a poll.

To make sure your slice is right, NICK PRITCHARD asked Great British Bake Off 2011 winner Jo Wheatley to rate the supermarket offerings out of five lemons.

Jo said: “You should get a nice punch of lemon, a freshness.”

Mary Berry, £3.50 at Asda

“MY turn to judge the judges, it’s payback time.

"The icing tastes just like sugar, like it hasn’t been melted down enough so is far too sweet.

"It has a nice moist texture but, I’m sorry Mary, I can’t taste the lemon.”


Sainsbury's, £2

“TOPPING is quite nice, though it is not a drizzle.

"It tastes really greasy and has an oily taste which is really unpleasant, leaving you with a terrible aftertaste.”


Lidl, £1.69

“NICE to have a cracked drizzle on top but it’s mainly on the edge, giving an intense sweet crust,  like eating a sugar cube. A hint of lemon doesn’t blow me away.”



Tesco, £2

“THIS has the classic top you expect from a lemon drizzle cake, plus it has two layers and a lovely seam of lemon curd running through the middle.

"I just wish it tasted  of lemon,  it should be sharp and sweet.”


Waitrose, £2.92

“LOOKS really lovely, I’d like it on my tea table. Straight away I can taste the lemon.

"Not as good as a home-made cake but you can’t do any better from a supermarket. My favourite.”



Marks & Spencer, £3

“I LIKE a real punch of lemon, which this doesn’t have.

"However, the texture is pleasant and it has a nice crumb. The icing is really tasty, though not what I’d call the classic drizzle.”



Asda, £2.50

“WHITE chocolate and lemon go really nicely together. But its topping is dribbled lemon curd over the icing.

"It’s a bit too sweet, it needs the tartness of the lemons to balance it out.”


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