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WHILEthere are some lucky princesses out there in the world, most of us are just regular everyday people.

This has come as a bit of a shock to one 'dramatic' Scottish schoolgirl who was caught on camera hysterically crying after realising she won't be a princess when she grows up – and will instead face 'boring' chores like washing dishes like her mum instead.

Órla McEvity was watching mum Catherine Stafford-Grimley cleaning the house and quizzed her about why she was doing it.

When the 25-year-old explained that adults have to do chores, the schoolgirl burst into tears at the prospect of one day having to do 'all the boring things' like doing the food shopping and washing the dishes.

A hilarious video shows Órla crying and insisting she isn't happy to grow up while stay-at-home mum Catherine comforts her.

Catherine, from Erskine, Scotland, said: "Órla was watching me do housework and asked why I was doing it.


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"I explained that when you grow up you have to do housework so she got in a panic and realised it's no fun being an adult.

"She started getting upset once she had the realisation that growing up isn't all that meant to be.

"She thought she was going to be a princess growing up, not doing the house chores.

"I was secretly laughing inside, I thought it was hilarious that a five-year-old could worry about such things.

"I suppose she picks up after me as I don't particularly enjoy doing house chores."

The mum-of-two says 'dramatic' Órla has always hated doing chores and when the camera stopped rolling, she swore she'd find a way to stop her legs from growing so she never becomes an adult.

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Catherine said: "Órla is such a dramatic child she exaggerates a lot of things in life. The other day she felt like she was dying all because I've asked her to tidy her room.

"Another time she fell over and said she's never going to use her legs ever again. It's hilarious.

"While the video cut off, she said can she never grow up and was there a way to stop her legs from growing taller.

"I told her that we can't stop growing up and that her legs are going to continue to grow.

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"I said that all of us have to grow up and that it's part of life and she asked why she had to be born, again very dramatic.

"Eventually I reassured her and said being an adult can be so much fun, not really but sometimes you've got to tell a white lie."

Family and friends were left in hysterics at the funny clip and have insisted that she keeps it for Órla's 18th birthday.

Catherine said: "A lot of my family and friends thought it was absolutely hilarious.

"Some couldn't stop laughing and others were constantly replaying it and sharing it with their family and friends.

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"Some said they feel for Órla and how they wish she doesn't have to grow up either.

"I had to contain my laughter and knew this was going to be a video worth keeping for her 18th birthday party."

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