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I’m someone who is somewhat of a wallflower when it comes to Instagram, I won't bore you with umpteen pictures of me posing in front of a brick wall or under a blossom tree – lucky you.

And I'm not all about the selfies or #OOTD, but I do look at Instagram a whole lot. Don't judge me, we all do.

When getting sucked into the black hole of Instagram, as I do on many occasions, I recently came across these three accounts I just can’t get enough of that you should follow too.


The nineties, although it feels like five minutes ago, is back. And if you like to relive the days before fake tan and filters you’ll love this account.

Essentially it’s both famous and forgotten pictures from the nineties of a fresh faced Winona Ryder, the original supermodels and outfits to die for.


As the girls who run it and pose in the pictures simply put it, everything they wear is Zara so they made an Instagram about it.

As silly as it sounds it really is a treat for the eyes, because it’s all well and good swanning into Zara and picking up some polka dot trousers, but what the hell do you wear them with? The girls will show you – genius.


This account is a great, and sarcastic, window into life as a stylist.

If you’re interested in the hardships of organising 10 photoshoots at once, sticking pins to yourself (unintentionally) or anything to do with styling day to day, then this account will give you a very dry but true view of what it’s like.


Occasion wear. What a minefield aye.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good old knees up as much as the next girl but the constant conveyor belt of weddings, christenings and race days can be costly when it comes to a different outfit for every do.

We’ve all been there, trawling through Asos for what seems like days, searching every shop for the perfect dress or that one thing you’ll love enough to wear more than once. And it can be a soulless task.

But as a girl who loves minimal effort outfits (aka jeans and a jumper) I’ve discovered occasion wear doesn’t have to be all frills and frocks. Yes, skip the dress section and hop over to co-ords.

Enter the suit.

  • (What I wore) Blue jacket, £79.99, and trousers, £39.99, Zara – buy now

I went to The Grand National two weeks ago and a christening last weekend, and wore a powder blue number from Zara – and I love it.

You can eat until your heart/belly is content as no one can see the inevitable bloat with the light layers covering your tum – and another upside is whatever the weather you have the option of covering up or taking off a layer. What’s not to love?

Plus, you can always mix and match the blazer and trouser too, seems obvious but it is a massive bonus.

Here’s a round-up of my favourite tailored looks.

  • Cropped jacket, £69.99, Mango – buy now
  • Shorts, £35.99, Mango – buy now 

  • Striped Suit, £101, Topshop – buy now


Whilst running around the streets of London this week preparing for various shoots we have on at the moment, I decided to take a few moments for myself and go shopping, obviously.

I’m going on holiday next week and I’m in urgent need of some sandals. But I want to by a pair that I can wear when I’m away or when the sun shines in the UK. Sounds easy, but it isn’t.

Trying to find a sandal that’s comfy, not expensive and not something you’d see an army of hikers wearing with socks is like finding a unicorn.

But thankfully the good folk at Marks and Sparks have more slip ons than you can shake a flip-flop at.

From beach to bar or sightseeing to strolling they have some beauties.

  • Flat tan and black, £39.50, Marks and Spencer – buy now 

  • Mules, £45, Marks and Spencer – buy now

  • Leather Cross Strap Mules, £49.50, Marks and Spencer – buy now 

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