B&M is selling a flamingo swimsuit for DOGS… and we have to ask, why?

Make sure you pack all the essentials – food, lead, chewy toy, swimsuit…

That's right, thanks to B&M you can now kit out your pooch in their very own swimming costume.

Because what self-respecting hound would take to the water without one, hey?

The £3.99 swimsuits, which come in flamingo, pineapple and floral patterns, are available in extra small, small and medium sizes. Sorry Great Danes.

Given flamingos are all the rage this summer, with beachwear featuring the bright pink birds all over the high street, you, your child and your pet can now synchronise outfits.

  • Summer Dog Swimsuits – Flamingo, £3.99 from B&M – buy now

  • Summer Dog Swimsuits – Pineapple, £3.99 from B&M – buy now

  • Summer Dog Swimsuits – Floral, £3.99 from B&M – buy now

If your pooch isn't shy about showing off its belly, the pineapple and floral swimsuits are actually bikinis. No, we're not barking mad – see for yourself.

And as if that wasn't enough, you can accessorise them further with B&M's £1.99 summer dog hats.

There's a floral hat with heart sunglasses for the more feminine pups, or a "security" hat for the hard-man hounds out there.

  • Summer Dog Hats – Floral Hat & Sunglasses, £1.99 from B&M – buy now

It's not the first time B&M has catered for our dog-dressing-up needs.

Last year the store sold spooky Halloween and festive Christmas costumes for dogs, all at incredibly reasonable prices.

It also brought out superhero dog costumes for £5.99 – and pet lovers lapped them up.

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