Bridezilla who held lie detector party to see who blabbed on her weight-based dress code reveals results

We also revealed the hilarious post in which she demanded her wedding party take a lie detector test to find out which friend shared the bizarre dress code online.

Now, the results are in and the bride has posted an update on the "former friend" who shared the screengrab.

It was none other than pal Stephanie, who was "immediately removed from [the bride's] property".

Taking to Facebook to post the update, the bride wrote: "Many of y'all have been asking how Saturday's Polygraph Party went. It was fantastic.

"Attendance was 100%. I asked y'all simple questions such as 'did you leak my dress code to the internet?' and 'do you secretly hate me?'"

"Friends, it is with only the deepest joy that I can announce the identification of the snitch," she continued.

"My former friend, Stephanie, was immediately removed from my property.

"She confessed to leaking my posts and ridiculing me online.

"My original dress code has gone viral because of her and the outside world will never f***ing understand thanks to Stephanie.

"Good riddance! Now the Hawaii 2019 wedding can go on!"

The bride also thanked her other friends, Lynn, Jackie, Kristie and Jax who helped "eliminate the snitch".

But it wasn't too long before she was reinforcing the demands of her strict dress code – which insists lighter women wear green and orange (as well as expensive Louboutin heels) and heavier women wear all black.

"PLEASE buy your soda hats ASAP," she wrote.

"We will be hosting another event in a few weeks in which we will be modifying them.

"If you would prefer a helicopter hat, by all means, go buy one. Time is of the essence.

"Ladies, let me be CLEAR. Your secondary outfit MUST total at least 1k. We are 24k themed after all.

"Please submit photos of your synchronised dancing outfits no later than one month.

"I will be telling each and every one of you what is wrong and how to improve it."

The post, which was shared on Reddit, has raised some questions with several users questioning whether it is real.

"I totally think this story is fiction now, but it is fiction that I never want to end,’ one wrote.

"I want leaked photos of the polygraph party, I want photos of the soda hats, I want paparazzi photos of the dancing on the beach in Hawaii 2019, I want it all!

"Bring it on, Bridezilla and her sneaky b*tchy pals! (Stephanie, I love you, girl!)"

We agree.

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