Busy mum STILL 'hasn't found the time' to take down her Christmas tree… so now she’s leaving it up until December

IT'S always a sad moment when you have to take down all your Christmas decorations – with most of us choosing to pack them up in early January.

But while we always assumed it wasn't socially acceptable to have a Christmas tree on display all year round, one busy mum is fighting the good fight with her 2020 tree.

Earlier this week, mum Deborah Hitchins posted a photo of her Christmas tree from last December on her Facebook page Family Days. Tried & Tested.

She wrote: "Okay, I admit it. We are literally on Septembers doorstep and I still haven’t got around to taking the Christmas tree down.

"And with a bowl of stew in hand and the kids returning to school in a few days time I can almost kind of forget that the events of 2020 ever happened…"

And with just 115 days left until Christmas, Deborah is now questioning whether she should take it down at all – only to put it back up again in three months.

We are literally on Septembers doorstep and I still haven’t got around to taking the Christmas tree down…

She added: "I don’t think there is any point in the wasted effort in taking it down now."

Unsurprisingly, her post sparked debate in the comments – but the overwhelming majority of followers were fans of the year-round Christmas tree.

One replied: "Mine stays up year round! I call it my “forever tree” & I decorate it for the different holidays!"

Another added: "I absolutely adore the fact it’s still up. I was very tempted to put mine up at the start of lockdown BUT resisted."

"I just wonder how you will inject the Xmas spirit again having had it with you all year," a third wondered. "Guess you’ll need to go full Buddy the Elf!"

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