Camilla has access to £11.3m of Queen Mother’s jewellery – but not as much as Diana did

Queen Mother ‘undermined’ Charles and parents’ bond says expert

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The Queen Mother was born 122 years ago today on August 4, 1900. She also happened to share the same birthday as Meghan Markle, who was born on this day back in 1981, therefore celebrating her 41st birthday today. The Queen Mother had an impressive royal jewellery collection which she wore throughout her life.

This included rings, necklaces and beautiful tiaras.

Many of these jewels are now owned by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Why is this?

Daena Borrowman, the PR, Social and Digital Marketing Manager at jewellerybox has commented exclusively for

She said: “With Prince Charles being the next in the royal line of succession, Camilla as his Queen consort will be given access to the Crown jewels.

“We all know how fond Prince Charles was of his late grandmother, she was a touchstone to him.

“So it makes perfect sense for the wife of the future King to be given family heirlooms from his beloved grandmother.”

Did Princess Diana, Charles’ first wife, receive any of the Queen Mother’s jewels?

Daena added: “Princess Diana got the Sapphire Brooch as a wedding gift from the Queen Mother in 1981.

“She famously wore it on a number of occasions – the most famous one being her revenge dress moment.”

According to Steven Stone experts, with Diana’s legacy and the size of the stone, this single brooch could be worth up to £100million if sold today.

How many of the Queen Mother’s pieces does Camilla own?

Daena continued: “Camilla now owns a few pieces of the Queen Mother’s jewels, including the Greville Tiara, a piece that she has worn the most and is closest to her heart,” which is worth around £3million.

The expert commented: “There is also the £100,000 art deco engagement ring that Prince Charles used to propose to her, which was originally a gift to the Queen Mother at the birth of the then Princess Elizabeth.

“Camilla also has the £8.2million Greville Festoon necklace, an astonishing Cartier made five-row necklace.

“The Duchess of Cornwall was also spotted wearing many brooches such as the Pearl of the Dee Brooch, the James Bow Brooch, the Modern Emerald Brooch, the Topaz Art Deco Brooch, the Lily of the Valley Brooch, the Rock Crystal Brooch, the Diamond Thistle Brooch to name a few.”

Will she wear any more of the Queen Mother’s jewellery as Queen Consort?

Daena explained: “Camilla will also get the privilege to wear a stunning crown of the Queen Mother’s when her husband ascends the throne.

“The crown is set with around 2,800 diamonds, the 105.6 carat Koh-i-Noor diamond, and a 17 carat diamond that was gifted to Victoria by Sultan Abdulmedjid in 1856 for Britain’s support in the Crimean War.

“This actually represents the Duchess’ acceptance into the Royal Household,” the expert claimed.

Overall, Camilla has access to at least £11.3million worth of the Queen Mother’s jewellery.

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