You can FINALLY buy a fake tan mitt that will do your back… here’s where to get it

If you're sick of asking your flatmate or boyfriend to tan that stubborn white patch, it's time to head to Bronzie UK – and celebs like Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore are already fans.

At £17.95, the mitts don't come cheap – but we think they're worth the extra investment.

It's totally washable and reusable, and promises an "even streak free tan" with absolutely no stained hands.

You can also pick up a charcoal infused Back And Body Exfoliating Mitt for £19.95.

The award-winning mitts look a bit like a pair of oven gloves – and users should put your hands inside the mitt, before pulling it back and forth along your back.

  • Ultimate Back and Body Tanning Mitt, £17.95, Bronzie UK – buy now
  • Ultimate Back and Body Exfoliating Mitt, £19.95, Bronzie UK – buy now

If you're still not convinced, the glowing reviews might change your mind.

"This is by far the best tanning mitt I’ve ever used," one happy shopper wrote, while another added: "I can’t believe how amazing it is."

One woman wrote: "Literally the best invention ever! I no longer have to ask my poor boyfriend to tan my back, it's so easy to use and feels amazing!!"

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