Cleaning experts reveal the right way to wipe your counters – and the ‘S’ method is key

CLEANING is a daily ritual and while most Brits might pride themselves on a sparkling home, it turns out you could be wiping your counters the wrong way. 

Whether you have a set routine or just haphazardly dust your surfaces, experts have claimed you should always wipe clean areas first – and then dirty ones. 

Research from GAMA Healthcare revealed that if you don’t follow this pattern when wiping down your kitchen, it could end up making your home even dirtier. 

If you do the opposite, you end up dragging dirt, germs and bacteria all around your kitchen – which has never been more important to keep clean due to coronavirus. 

And there’s a specific method you should always follow when wiping, which is the ‘S’ shape, rather than wiping side to side. 

Dr Braverman and Dr Hanouka, former NHS doctors and infection control experts, explained this stops you re-contaminating the areas you’ve already cleaned. 

Cleaning surfaces haphazardly, staring in the middle or bottom, and wiping up or down acts to spread germs

They told Ideal Home: “Cleaning surfaces haphazardly, staring in the middle or bottom, and wiping up or down acts to spread germs.

“Working from the top to bottom is the most effective way to wipe, but currently, only 60 per cent of people are using that method.” 

They also warned people to ensure surfaces are fully dry before putting back any appliances or kitchen equipment, or you risk not disinfecting your kitchen properly.

For example Mrs Hinch's favourite disinfectant, Zoflora, says it 'kills germs in 20 seconds' – so you need to leave it for half a minute to dry.

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