Cleaning-mad mum transforms filthy fabric furniture in minutes using soda water and the vacuum cleaner

PLUSH fabric chairs and sofas are always a good idea as they look super chic – but they also attract the grubby little fingers of kids.

But Chantel Mila, a cleaning-obsessed mum, has shared a simple way to transform your filthy furniture in minutes – and it comes up looking brand new.

Posting a clip on her TikTok page, the Australia mum reveals that soda water is the answer.

She shows off her grey fabric dining chair completely covered in food and other marks, but gets it looking fresh in minutes.

She starts by vacuuming all the loose bits – crumbs, dust and anything else lurking in the fibres.

Then, using a homemade solution of washing up liquid and soda water (yes, the bubbly water you buy at the supermarket) she targets the normally hard-to-clean marks.

After spraying the solution, she gently wipes away the stains which remove in an instant.

She then sprinkles some bicarbonate of soda over the entire chair to help draw out any bad smells, and leaves it to settle in for half an hour.

She uses a hoover to clean it all up and the chair will not only look brand new, but smell amazing too.

The mum-of-two revealed in the comments that even old stains are easily removed using this method.

So that pasta sauce your child rubbed all over the chair 2 years ago? Yep, you can still get it out.

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