This Cologne Is So Amazing, I Watched Jax Taylor Get Stopped and Sniffed by Strangers Twice in 10 Minutes

When I picked up Jax Taylor outside our video studios, he was in the middle of being sniffed closely by a staffer in the building who had spotted him in our kitchen area and asked for a photo. “What are you wearing?” she wondered. He told her, then followed me to our hair and makeup room to get a quick touch-up before going on camera. No sooner had he sat down than the makeup artist asked him the same question. I had always assumed people were lying when they said “People stop me to ask me about my signature fragrance all the time,” but now that I’ve witnessed it happen twice within minutes, I’m convinced the world needs to know about Jax’s showstopping scent.

The answer? Creed's Aventus, which clocks in at $425 for 3.3 oz, a price that Taylor readily admitted was “stupidly expensive. And that’s for the travel size!” But he got hooked in much the same way the bystanders did: He smelled it on Andy Cohen and asked for the name (which, apparently, happens to Andy a lot).

Jax doesn’t wear the Creed every day – possibly wise, considering the price tag – and on days when he’s keeping it in reserve, he says he swears by Abercrombie & Fitch's Ellwood, which he discovered walking by an Abercrombie store. Not quite as memorable as sniffing Andy Cohen, but at $68, certainly much more affordable.


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