‘Colour of confidence’: Camilla & Diana more ‘powerful’ in blue – makes their eyes ‘pop’

Princess Diana 'so present' in the modern day says royal expert

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Both Camilla and Diana are known for their impeccable fashion tastes and wardrobes. The likes of Kate Middleton and Lady Kitty Spencer are still inspired by the late Princess of Wales today, while Camilla continues to be experimental with her style choices each time she is out in public.

Royal fans will have noticed Camilla’s penchant for jungle prints, neutral colours, collared dresses, smart blazers, and heeled court shoes.

But also evident is the Duchess of Cornwall’s love for the colour blue.

Camilla wears blue often, including for the James Bond movie premiere in the Royal Albert Hall, London, on Tuesday, September 28.

The Duchess joined Prince Charles, Kate Middleton, and Prince William for the event, opting to wear a sparkling pale blue gown by British designer Bruce Oldfield.

One of the reasons why Camilla regularly chooses to don blue garments is perhaps to do with her eyes and complexion, said fashion stylist Samantha Harman.

This was also true of Diana – the late Princess liked blue because it “accentuated” her eyes and suited her skintone.

Diana even wore blue eyeliner to draw attention to her eyes.

Samantha explained: “Blue eyeliner was very 1980s and was actually a well-documented make up favourite of Princess Diana.

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“This is a make-up trick that amplifies blue in the eyes, making them look even brighter.”

Blue clothes were very popular in the eighties, perhaps thanks to Margaret Thatcher and her “blue power suit”, according to Samantha.

The fashion stylist continued: “Cobalt blue pretty much suits every skintone and is a good colour for when you want to feel powerful.

“Navy is also a colour that suits everyone and you should wear it when you want to feel put together.”

Since both Camilla and Diana have bright blue eyes and fair hair, Samantha stressed “it’s natural they’d want to accentuate these”.

“Wearing white and blue does this,” she explained, going on to say how Camilla is often seen wearing these colours.

“On a recent trip to Athens, Camilla wore an Anna Valentine blue dress with a white jacket, which brings out the vibrancy of the colour blue.

“Blue and white is a classic colour pairing that works at any time – the trick is choosing a modern cut or shape.”

Samantha continued: “We often see Camilla in blue.

“It’s a colour of confidence, composure and calm.

“And of course, it makes the colour of her eyes pop.”

Looking at the way both women wore blue and styled their clothes, Samantha noted some differences, saying: “Diana’s style was very of the moment.

“What’s different about Camilla and Diana’s style is that we get to see how Camilla’s style has evolved.

“Diana’s style will always remain as it was at that point in time.”

Diana also wore casual clothes more often than Camilla did and does – opting for denim jeans and blue shirts.

Camilla is rarely ever seen wearing trousers.

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