Concerned mum says Mini Eggs ‘mustn’t be given to kids under 4’ and should always be cut in HALF

Taking to Facebook, Nanny Valentine, a behaviour coach, wrote that children under four should be banned from eating the sweet treat.

Made by Cadbury, packs of the eggs, which have a hard sugar shell and contain chocolate inside, are sold in most supermarkets and can be bought for as little as £1.

The mum warned that the small eggs could actually be dangerous for youngsters and called on parents to be vigilant.

She posted: “Many parents are now aware of the dangers of grapes and cut them in half.

"Many parents don't even see these chocolate treats as a danger but they are and mustn't be given to children under 4!

"I cringe every time I see little ones munching on these delicious treats.

"They are hard and the perfect shape to get lodged in a child's throat.

“If this post saves a little one from a terrible accident then it's worth me posting," the Mirror reported.

Her post, written in 2017, has since been deleted but it is still widely shared in the run-up to Easter.

The mum revealed if her children get given the chocolate, she takes it away.

She added: “My children are often bought these at Easter but sorry boys mummy has to eat these.

"Please share and help raise awareness of the danger of these eggs to our little ones."

While her advice may seem extreme, the NHS warns that each year 40,000 children under five are rushed to hospital after choking.

They said: “Food is the most common thing for babies and toddlers to choke on.

“Young children may also put small objects in their mouths that could cause choking.

“Once your baby has started on solid food, always cut it up into small pieces.

“Babies can choke on something as small as a grape (these should be cut lengthways).

“Raw jelly cubes can be a choking hazard.

“If you're making jelly, make sure you always follow the manufacturers' instructions."

And they seemed to suggest the shape of Mini Eggs could pose a problem for small children, adding: "Do not give young children hard foods, such as boiled sweets or whole nuts.”

Fabulous Digital approached Cadbury for a comment.

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