Dan Osborne's tattoo shows he's ‘protective’ of Jacqueline Jossa & the meaning behind Brooklyn Beckham's 'spooky' ink

BROOKLYN Beckham shocked fans when he unveiled his new tattoo just days ago – his fiancee Nicola Peltz's eyes peering out from his neck.

The 21-year-old has kept tight lipped about the meaning, but the resemblance to actress Nicola's stunning peepers didn't go amiss.

And he's far from the only celeb to get a 'couple tattoo', with many stars inking their other half's name, face or a symbolic gesture on their body.

Fabulous spoke to Tattoo Fixers star Alice Perrin, 29, to get the lowdown on the meanings…

Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz – 'spooky' eyes

Alice says: "It’s a nice idea but I also think it’s a bit spooky. His hair looks like a fringe to the eyes on the back of his neck.

"If he really wanted to see her eyes, he’d have them somewhere he could see them.

"I think that’s part of the reason he’s had it on the back of his neck, so it looks quite cool from behind."

On the meaning of the peepers, she adds: "Eye tattoos have always been quite popular, normally people get just one and it means protection.

"But I think he’s gone for two on the back of the neck more for a tribute to her, because she has got gorgeous eyes. It will be strange for her if she’s ever being the big spoon.

"I don't think he’s confirmed (who's eyes they are), but it definitely looks like Nicola's and he would get into trouble if it wasn’t her eyes."

Katie Price & Carl Woods – 'marking their territory'

Another star to unveil her new ink is Katie Price, who showed off a huge tattoo of boyfriend Carl Woods on her arm last week.

Carl, 32, returned the favour with a matching tatt of the 42-year-old former glamour model.

Alice says: "I personally don’t think it’s the best idea. I’ve seen a lot of tattooed boys turn their ex's face into a ‘day of the dead’ woman to try and hide the fact they’ve had an ex-girlfriend on them.

"These aren't the most artistic tattoos either, I think something could have been done to make them a little bit more special, they look a bit like passport photos.

"An arm tattoo shows commitment, it’s where everyone can see it, they’re saying ‘this is how committed I am to you’.

"I definitely think they wanted to cause a stir, it’s not subtle. You know that’s Katie Price, there’s no denying they’ve got each other’s faces on them. It’s almost marking your territory."

Katie's previously had tattoos of ex-husband Peter Andre and ex-fiance Leandro Penna's names – both of which are now covered up with a rose and a horse, respectively.

Alice says: "I think the fact she’s had two ex’s names on her, to show she’s really committed to this one she’s said ‘I’m not going to just have your name’. She had to take it further."

Louise Thompson & Ryan Libbey – 'token of love'

Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson, 30, got her "first and last" tattoo back in August.

The fitness star had fiance Ryan Libbey's name etched across her ankle, three years after Ryan surprised her by getting her name tattooed on his wrist.

Ryan popped the question in August 2018 and they were due to marry in London's Kew Gardens in December 2019, but Louise cancelled the ceremony and they've yet to set another date.

Louise recently sparked relationship worries with a series of cryptic tweets about cheating, although insiders insisted they weren't directed at Ryan.

Alice says: "It’s a weird one because if you’re with someone and they’ve got your tattoo, you almost feel like you need to repay the favour.

"I think a lot of people were saying ‘why hasn’t she got his name tattooed?’

"Then if people are speculating, saying they’re on the rocks and commenting on them having a long engagement, maybe that got to her a little bit.

"I think it’s a token to show it’s OK to have a long engagement and they are still in love. It’s almost a halfway point between being engaged and getting married, to show that you love them.

"I think these are quite sweet and they've done the right thing in having something small – not that you should get someone's name tattooed thinking 'I can just cover it up' if you split, but it's always a risk."

Dan Osborne & Jacqueline Jossa – 'protective' move

Dan Osborne's dramatic lion sleeve depicts himself as the lion, followed by his wife Jacqueline Jossa as the lioness.

Earlier this year, the proud dad got three cubs added – to represent his kids.

Alice says: "He’s the bigger one above, which shows he’s protecting her. A lot of people get lion tattoos to show strength and that he’s fierce.

"The male lion looks after the family and the pride, it’s a nod to him looking after the family and Jacqueline.

"I absolutely love this one. Although it is massive, you wouldn't automatically think 'that’s him and Jaq Jossa', so people don't always know what it represents."

Oliver Proudlock & Emma Louise Connolly – 'quirky show of commitment'

MIC's Proudlock gave fiancee Emma Louise a Valentine's Day gift to remember back in February, an enormous arm sketch based on a photo of her at the beach.

Alice says: "If I was Emma I would be very flattered. You know it's her without it being so obvious.

"The pose looks very artistic, almost renaissance or statuesque. It’s very chic and in keeping with the rest of his tattoos.

"Having it on his arm shows love, commitment and dedication to somebody.

"But he’s very quirky so it was probably quite important to have something not everybody has got. This sketchy style isn’t very common.

"I don’t think he would want anything too corny or cheesy. This is very original.

"It's a tribute to her and I think it suits both of them."

Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson – small but statement

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Cody Simpson got matching trident tatts in March, after just five months of dating.

Alice says: "It’s way too early to be getting matching tattoos after only five months, but at least they’ve not got each other’s names or faces.

"It's subtle but the problem they’ve got is the whole world knows they’re matching tattoos for each other.

"The trident must be an in joke or a nickname they’ve got for each other, it seems like there’s thought behind it. It’s quite cute as it’s their little secret."

Despite the small design, Alice believes this ink makes a big impact.

She says: "If you’re doing it early, you’re screaming ‘I’m really serious about this person, everyone look at how happy we are’.

"You don’t ever get a tattoo with a partner unless you’re really convinced you’re going to be with them forever."

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