DEAL OF THE DAY: Save £30 off Oodie hoodies in massive sale

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The temperature across the UK has dropped and families are looking for ways to keep warm without using central heating. Money Saving Expert fans are turning to the Oodie to help and it’s now on sale.

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Keep warm and cosy with these comfy, wearable blankets from Oodie. Perfect for families and ideal for all-day wear, the hoodies are now on sale for a cheap prices so don’t miss out on getting a hoodie before the winter comes.

First becoming popular in 2020, Oodie is a brand known for its wearable blankets that come in oversized hoodies that have oversized pockets.

The brand has now launched a massive sale with £30 off its bestselling blankets.

Money Saving Expert fans love using hoodies to help them keep warm without needing to turn on central heating.

Perfect for working from home or chilly nights, the Oodie’s Hooded Blankets are cosy, comfy and will undoubtedly sell out fast.

Prices in the sale start from just £35 up and includes clothing, lightweight knits, sleepwear and of course the hooded blanket.

On Martin Lewis’ Money Savings Expert, one fan claims that she hasn’t used her heating since buying the hoodie, saying: “Invested in an oversized hoodie blanket to snuggle up in, not used heating since.”

The Oodie Family Pack has four hoodies and is now slashed to just £202, saving £134 off.

This brings the price to each hoodie down to just £50.50.

While the original hoodies are reduced to £59 from £84, and kids hoodies are now £47.

Make sure you shop the sale fast as it’s expected items will sell out.

One customer, Miranda W said: “So huggable and it rocks… If the weather gets that cold outside, I will wear it out as well. Just watch me.”

Nick M added: “Great product, super warm and comfy.”

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