D*Face Joins Romance for Five Custom Cycling Helmets

Independent cycling apparel brand Romance is no stranger to collaborating with contemporary and street artists. This time, the label has enlisted D*Face for five custom S-Works Evade cycling helmets featuring unique, one-off artworks. All proceeds from the helmet sales will go towards fives different U.K.-based charities, including Trussel Trust, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, Headway, Centre Pointand Access Sport.

Each helmet is hand-painted with a collaborative design and colorway, referencing bygone eras, fighter pilots, checkered flags and comic books. “It’s always appealed to me, working on an unconventional canvas — art should be visible to everyone, everywhere, not just gallery-goers…” D*Face said. “I’ve lived and worked in London all my life and I’ve been cycling to and from my studio regularly for nigh on 10 years — it’s clear that cycling the city is bigger than it ever has been right now, it’s a hugely important culture and one I’m always happy to be a part of in any way shape or form.”

“We wanted to use the opportunity during this difficult global situation we find ourselves in to shine a light on some important charities that really make a difference to people’s lives,” added Romance’s Adam Parkes. The chosen charities address the Black Lives Matter movement, homelessness, access to sport for disadvantaged youth and foodbanks to end hunger.

One helmet will be released for sale per day from August 10 to 15. The first helmet will go live on Romance’s website starting August 10 at 1 p.m. EDT.

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