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WE don't know about you, but we seem to be forever running out of storage space.

No matter how many times we clear out the junk drawer or sort out what's lurking in the loft, there's still so much stuff to stow away.


Luckily these days there are tonnes of clever storage solutions to make life that little bit easier – from rotating makeup organisers to triple-tier dish drainers.

We've found eight of the best affordable storage solutions from Amazon to make the most of your space and keep on top of organisation.

CASART Shoe Rack

Currently £89.95 on Amazon

Always tripping over shoes people have let by the front door? One of these nifty shoe racks might help. By stacking up shoes, your space looks instantly tidier and provides loads more floor space.

Plus, this rack's chic design means it is both fabulous and functional.

The top of the rack doubles up as a side table which is the perfect place to park a plant, ornament or keys.

Decdeal 3-Tier Dish Rack

Currently £21.59 on Amazon.

This clever three-tiered drying rack provides loads of room for dishes, cutlery, chopping boards and other utensils.

Perfect for small kitchens, the Decdeal 3-Tier Dish Rack Dish Drainer frees up space on your sideboards for other kitchen essentials.

A major upgrade from your standard single-tier rack, this kitchen essential makes washing up a doddle.

AOLIGEI 10pcs Magic Clothes Hangers

Currently £9.99 on Amazon

Ideal for small wardrobes, these space-saving hangers allow you to make the most of every little inch of the space you have.

Turn the hangers either horizontally or vertically and and fill up with individual items on hangers.

The sturdy designs can fit five items, meaning you can stack a total of 100 pieces of clothing with this set.

Rotating Makeup Organiser


Currently £19.99 on Amazon

This clever contraption has room for all of your brushes, makeup, skincare products and tools without taking up much space at all.

The rotating storage device helps to pack away your makeup, skincare and beauty bits with minimal fuss, making getting ready in the morning an absolute doddle.

SPACE MAX Premium Vacuum Storage

Currently £8.31 on Amazon

Many of us struggle to find room for seasonal clothes, bedding and bulky items like coats when they're not in use.

If you only have a little bit of cupboard or loft space to store these things, the SPACE MAX Premium Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags  are a fantastic option to pack the absolute most inside.

These bags are airtight, waterproof and close with a zip lock so no air will escape and your items are safe to stow away.

Strictly Beds and Bunks – Pandora Triple Sleeper

Currently £278.99 on Amazon

This smart triple-tier bunk bed is the perfect thing for big families who need to get the most out of small spaces.

Robust, carefully designed and made of reliable materials, this bed will last little ones for years.

Plus, as kids get older and outgrow the bunk beds, the clever design allows you to remove one bunk to provide more space.

Hershii Above Washing Machine Organizer

Currently £34.39 on Amazon

This pop-up organiser is ideal for people in rented homes who can't put up shelves.

With storage for cleaning products, detergent, pegs, luffas and much more, this laundry organiser maximises space.

Vou tiger Over The Door Hanging Wall Organiser


Currently £12.79 on Amazon

Whether you need extra room for grooming products in the bathroom or are looking for somewhere else to put clothes, this smart item can be hung over any door.

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