Ella Emhoff’s Inauguration Coat Is Trending Because of This Very Sarah Jessica Parker Detail

If you were watching the inauguration today, you probably felt the intense urge to become best friends with Ella Emhoff, Vice President Kamala Harris's stepdaughter. And that may or may not have to do with wanting to steal the very good Miu Miu coat she wore to the historical ceremony.

Farfetch Miu Miu

Shop now: $4,950; farfetch.com

Emhoff's Miu Miu jacket had a collar in the brand's signature style with yellow and orange embellishments all over the shoulder. It's so good, it may have broken Twitter with hundreds of people tweeting about Emhoff's newfound status as an upcoming fashion icon. There's currently a black version of the coat available at Farfetch for neary $5,000. It's obviously a splurge but I think it's safe to say there has probably never been so many people thinking of completely demolishing their budget to own a coat than in this very moment. 

But at this point, it isn't just any coat. It's the coat. I've texted four people today about it with no context, having only referred to it as "the coat," and they all knew what I was talking about. No questions asked. Most of us probably didn't think we could be more excited for this day than we already were, but then Ella Emhoff in Miu Miu happened. And if that foreshadows more Miu Miu in the White House, then today is an even better day than most of us could have even hoped for. 

Farfetch Miu Miu

Shop now: $1,770; farfetch.com

Farfetch Miu Miu

Shop now: $2,050; farfetch.com

If you're like me and will be dreaming about this coat for weeks on end, Miu Miu has an embellished wool top and cardigan from the same collection that are slightly more affordable. The embellishment details take each of these classic pieces to a realm only Miuccia Prada has access to, although we'll be honest and admit Sarah Jessica Parker has also been serving us some unexpected rhinestone-embellished looks recently, too. Following a year that was so dark, it only feels right to enter the new year with some much needed sparkle where you least expect it. On your shoes à la SJP! On your shoulder pads à la Miu Miu! On your mask à la J.Lo! It already appears this sparkly trend is on its way to being everywhere in no time.

While you save up for the now-famous Miu Miu coat, or a similarly perfect piece from the collection, there are a couple of rhinestone-embellished sweaters and cardigans available on Nordstrom for under $75 that could hold you over until then. There's even a very Miu Miu-esque collar available on Amazon that could easily transform any sweater or coat into a look like Emhoff's for just $10. Amazon also has a couple embellished options by Self Portrait and Cinq a Sept that are under $350.

And while none of these will fill the Miu Miu-shaped hole in our heart, it's probably an easier solution than somehow befriending Emhoff and convincing her to let us borrow the coat of our dreams. But then again, who knows? Clearly 2021 is already filled with surprises. 

Get the inauguration look everyone is talking about below.

Farfetch Miu Miu

Miu Miu Embellished A-Line Coat

Shop now: $4,950; farfetch.com

woman wearing black sweater with rhinestones on upper left sleeve

Monrow Women’s Vintage Raglan W/Clustered Rhinestone

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White detachable bib and collar with rhinestones on collar

VPang Stylish Detachable Rhinestone Collar

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black detachable collar with rhinestones

Joyci Diamond Pearl False Collar Peterpan Fake Collar Half Shirt Dickey

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Cinq a Sept Nancy Cardigan

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woman wearing light gray sweater with rhinestones scattered all over it and slit near collar

Self Portrait Crystal Embellished Wool Sweater

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woman wearing black sweater with black rhinestones and blue jeans

Halogen Embellished Cardigan

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woman wearing gray sweater with lines of rhinestones coming down from collar

BB Dakota If You Fancy Embellished Cardigan

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ASTR the Label Emma Embellished Sweater

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plus-sized woman wearing gray button up sweater with rhinestones on upper half

Halogen Embellished Cable Sweater

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brown sweater with mini rhinestones all over

ASTR The Label Abigail Puff Sleeve Embellished Sweater

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