Enjoy racy sex and good at balancing? Then the Butterfly sex position will set your pulse racing

Say hello to the "Butterfly" – if you think you're strong enough.

It's certainly not the easiest of positions, and your partner may need a few sessions in the gym to build up his strength beforehand.

But once you're confident enough to give it a go, you'll be so glad you did.

To start things off, face away from your man and get him to pick you up, so your bottom half is level with his.

Then place your legs outwards, with your knees bent and your feet facing the floor.

Together, you'll create the look of a butterfly – giving the position its name.

Your partner holds you up by placing his hands underneath your thighs, while you wrap your arm around his shoulder for added support.

And while it sounds strenuous for men, you'll also need quite a bit of stamina.

You'll be doing the bulk of the work – not to mention quite a balancing act.

But you don't get something for nothing, right?

Now that autumn has well and truly set in, we have a pretty good idea what you'll be doing on rainy nights…

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