Extreme batch cookers show off amazing creations with one creating 130 meals for £30 while another uses 132 eggs at once

WE'VE often toyed with the idea of batching cooking – but to be honest, we wouldn't even know where to start.

But if anything is going to convince us to begin bulk making dinners weeks in advance, it's the prospect of saving a small fortune on your monthly food shop.

Not to mention how this unconventional method frees up your evenings when you've already got dozens of meals waiting for you in the freezer.

Well if you're still in need of some inspiration, then you might want to take notes from these extreme batch cookers.

Sharing their incredible creations on YouTube, one savvy mum revealed how she made a whopping 130 meals for just £30 while another used 132 eggs in one epic batch cooking session.

Mum-of-four Christine – who runs the account Frugal Fit Mom – filmed herself doing a typical batching cooking weekly food shop for her 209,000 subscribers.

At the beginning of the video, Christine said: "I knew I wanted to feed my family-of-six for £30.

After stocking up on 3lbs of apples for £1.50 and 1lb of strawberries for £1.20, Christine said: "Don't ever underestimate the power of onions and garlic when you are on a budget.

"They add such great flavour to so many dishes. I'm of the opinion that if a recipe calls for half an onion, a whole onion is better and two is even better than that."

Admitting that it was "hard" to buy two packs of rice for £2.10 when it could have cost less elsewhere, Christine said: "One store will not have the cheapest price on everything ever.

"Typically I price everything up before I go to the store because some meals have so many different ingredients that it ends up being more expensive than I think – even though it does make a lot."

At the supermarket, Christine picked up everything she needed to bulk cook a weeks worth of meals – and while she originally planned to make 126 exactly, she ended up with enough for 130.

For their breakfasts, the mum made pancakes and casseroles and peanut butter sandwiches with thin slices of apple, vegetable curry and grilled cheese for lunches.

Christine’s weekly meals:


  • Breakfast casserole x 12
  • Pancakes x 24


  • Peanut butter sandwiches with apples x 12
  • Vegetable curry x 12
  • Grilled cheese x 18


  • Vegetable soup with pasta x 18
  • Tuna pasta bake x 26
  • Tomato pasta x 12

As for the family's dinners for the week, Christine made a huge batch of vegetable soup which she bulked out with tortellini pasta to last them three days.

For the fourth and fifth dinners, the mum made tuna pasta bake – but had had enough leftover to make an extra serving for each family member.

"I'm going to make mine fresh everyday," she said. "But you could make it in bulk and make it at one time."

Meanwhile, mum-of-eight Jamerrill Stewart – who is pregnant with her ninth baby – revealed how she prepared 40 huge freezer meals for her family before her baby is born next year.

In an 80 minute YouTube video, Jamerill starts by cracking a whopping 132 eggs into an enormous metal bowl and whisking them together.

After completing this time-consuming step, the mum then pours in a whole carton of cream and seasons it with salt and pepper.

"Now that was a lot of salt," she said. "But you got to remember, this is 11 dozen eggs."

Once it's all mixed together, Jamerill then fills two frying pans with the mixture and repeats this step until all the eggs are cooked.


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However, 132 eggs is too much for the family-of-10 to eat in one go so Jamerill decants them into storage containers and freezes them for a later date.

What's more, mum-of-four Kimmy Hughes – who runs the YouTube channel She's In Her Apron – bulk cooked pancakes, fresh toast, bacon and eggs, burritos, berry muffins, smoothie packs and potato hash breakfast bowls.

"You can take a whole week to make these meals," she said. "Or you can crank them out in a day."

For the french toast, the mum cracked 13 eggs into a bowl, poured in some milk and added cinnamon, vanilla extract and nutmeg.

After whisking this together, Kimmy dipped two loves of bread in the mixture and gently fried it.

Before freezing it all, Kimmy said: "What you could do is cut your bread into thirds and dip them and cook them and then you have french toast dippers."

And if you're running late one morning, the mum suggested giving the kids the defrosted french toast with a paper cup of maple syrup for them to eat on the way to school.

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