Fashion Nova is mocked for selling a ‘twisted halter neck top’ that just looks like ‘thick suspenders’ – The Sun

FASHION Nova has baffled shoppers with its latest 'top' – which looks like an accident waiting to happen.

The 'twisted halter top', costing £15.70, is really just two white straps with an extreme plunging neckline which flashes the wearer's stomach and a lot of cleavage.

The online retailer posted a picture of model Chanel Uzi on Instagram yesterday.

Commenting on the snap, baffled followers wrote: "Those are just thick suspenders, that ain’t a shirt".

Others said: "that is just two big straps", "top?" and "hardly a shirt".

One unimpressed shopper compared the unique garment to a "towel rag".

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While another noted it was a pretty risque wear. She commented: "One mistake and her tiddy is flying".

After checking Fashion Nova's site, we can confirm it is possible to wear the top with a front neck twist – which reduces the risk of an embarrassing nip slip.

But it's still very revealing – and completely backless – with all Fashion Nova's models opting to wear it with high waisted trousers.


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Probably not one for your next family meal…

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