Fashion Nova mocked for VERY revealing cut-out playsuit that looks like 'Lara Croft entering the Matrix'

IF you were asked to name all the movie franchises that shaped the early noughties, chances are The Matrix and Lara Croft would feature pretty highly on the list.

Well if you were ever looking to combine both these radically different films into just ONE outfit, now's your chance.

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That's right, Fashion Nova has brought out a baffling buckle-up playsuit which looks like something Lara Croft would have worn if she was jumping headfirst down that rabbithole.

Along with a buckle-up waistband and bra, this extremely revealing playsuit even has random cut outs on the thighs and stomach.

Not to mention the zip up detail around the neck and angular sunnies which wouldn't look out of place in Neo's wardrobe.

Unsurprisingly, social media users were quick to poke fun at the outrageous design.

After Fashion Nova shared images of the Buckle Up Mock Neck Romper with their 15.5 million followers, one horrified user replied: "Imagine having to pee and you gotta unzip, clip clip clip clip!"

Another added: "I don't care how confident you are, ain't nobody leaving the house looking like that… Fashion Nova went too far."

Poking fun at the multitude of buckles, a third wrote: "Why would you pay that much to look like a plane seat?"

As for wearing the playsuit in real life, another user said they would only ever wear this divisive design to their "ex-boyfriend's funeral" or for "chilling at home".

But our personal favourite has to go the jokester who pointed out how this spandex looks like "when Lara Croft enters the Matrix for a Halloween party."

Now if only we had a blue pill to forget that that this crime against fashion even exists…

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