First-time mum, 29, says her drug-free hypnobirth was entirely pain free because ‘endorphins are more powerful than morphine’

A FIRST-time mum has revealed how using hypnobirthing techniques, rumoured to be a part of Meghan Markle's labour plans,  allowed her to have a drug-free and calm natural birth.

Haylie Middleton, 29, from New South Wales, Australia, gave birth to Austin a year ago after just six hours in labour and without any pain medication.

Designed to help women have a less traumatic birthing experience, it's thought the Duchess of Sussex will also undergo a hypnobirth, which Haylie was 'useful' in keeping her out of pain.

She told the Mail Online: "I did a hypnobirthing course which changed my attitude towards pain. It helped me to see the pain as useful and keep the end goal in sight – my baby.

"If I hadn't done the course before my labour, I don't think that would have been my mindset."

The new mum explained that it was her midwife that initially suggested she tried the course during her pregnancy as a way to keep her 'calm and focused' in the lead up to the birth.

"When my waters broke at 37 weeks, I initially panicked and wanted to call my mum," Haylie continued, explaining that her partner Barry Murphy helped to calm her down and remind her of the training.

"I wasn't experiencing any pain and I also didn't know how dilated I was – this is a technique recommended for hypnobirthing in Australia," she said."

When her contractions started, instead of panicking, the mum put her course into action and spent time slowly rocking her body using a birthing ball.

Haylie added: "My partner was using the tips we learned on the hypnobirthing course the whole time – touching me lightly on the back to keep me calm and talking with each contraction."

To keep the atmosphere in the hospital room calm, Haylie set up speakers with specially-made hypnobirthing tracks.

"I channelled my energy on getting the baby out rather than roaring and shouting," she continued. "The difference was noticeable and I felt calmer and more focused.

"After six hours of active labour, my little boy was in my arms, and I'd done it all without pain medication. I believe my labour was relatively easy thanks to being calm."

Australian hypnobirthing expert Julie Velina explained that many mums using the technique can have a calmer and less painful birth – and perhaps, so too, can the Duchess of Sussex, 37.

Julie said: "They are able to let go of fears and tensions and get into a zone where they can tap into the body's natural ability to give birth comfortably.

"Endorphins are a lot more powerful and efficient that morphine, and we can release as many endorphins as we want to feel at ease.

"It's all about releasing that fear and feeling calm and confident, and that calmness also makes it so much easier for any new parents to adjust to life with a new baby."

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