Get Your Tarot Cards Read at Mother’s Mystical NYC Pop-Up

Embodying the New Age doctrine is very much a niche lifestyle in New York City, in which the cacophony of honking Ubers and the indelible rage of waiting for a 20 minute delayed subway make it hard for anyone to feel their most spiritual self. Still, tapping into the bustling city’s desperate need for reprieve, denim brand Mother has opened up Mystical Bazaar, a one-of-a-kind pop-up shop celebrating the brand’s recent launch of its Mystical capsule collection.

New Yorkers can step inside the SoHo space, which was designed by architecture and design firm 8893, to find a series of structures inspire inspired by LA mid-century modern architecture with Japanese joinery.

In each structure, expect to find different occult experiences, from tarot to astrology readings led by Los Angeles mystics, including the astrologer and tarot card reader Natalia Benson. On the 3000 square feet main floor of the pop-up, there is an eclectic collection of handmade blankets, jewelry, baskets, vintage goods, and crystals. The lower level space is dedicated to a “visual escape” to California’s Muir Woods, in which you can participate in breath work sessions with breath work meditation guide and healer Ana Lilia.

Suffice to say, this space offers a rare opportunity to take a break from the concrete labyrinth that is New York City–and during the city’s biggest annual event, New York Fashion Week, no less.

Today is the last day to enjoy the otherworldly sensations of Mother’s Mystical Bazaar. You can find the pop-up at 150 Wooster Street, North Building. The pop-up runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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