Girl mortified after waking up with bright orange face after trying fake tan drops for first time

A GIRL was left mortified after suffering a major fail after using fake tan drops, that were supposed to leave her with a "soft and subtle glow", for the first time.

Radio presenter Lilah Parsons vowed never to use fake tan again after sharing a video to TikTok and telling fans she'd had an "accident" attempting to bronze her face.

In the clip, Lilah is seen hiding herself from view and added a sticker that read "warning: explicit content".

She explained while keeping her face out of shot: "Just a warning to any of my friends if you don't see me for a while, it's because I'm undercover because I had a little accident."

Lilah said: "I tried fake tan drops for the first time last night and they're meant to give you a 'soft, subtle, glow'."

"And I woke up like this," she vented as she moved into full view of the camera and revealed the epic disaster she'd had.

Her face was completely orange and several shades darker than her neck.

Not only did the colour dramatically stop underneath her chin, but poor Lilah was left with random splodges of tan across the front of her neck.

"NEVER FAKE TANNING AGAIN," she captioned her video, while urging her followers to "help" her.

Her video has been watched over 288k times online, with hundreds of people commenting on Lilah's post.

"Girl ur only supposed to use a couple of drops (sic)," said a fellow fake tan lover.

Others could relate, as another person commented: "This happened to me! Not as bad but I literally used 2 drops (could use up to 12) and I was soo dark. Such false advertising."

A third wrote: "The exact same thing happened to me," as they warned: "It didn't come off for ages."

When one person asked if Lilah had mixed the drops with moisturiser before applying, she replied: "Yes!!! I don't know what happened."

Some people were seen offering some advice on how to tackle her fake tan fail, with one person suggesting: "Wear a polo neck and no1 would ever know (sic)."

Another offered: "I heard lemon juice works wonders on removing fake tan."

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