Girl who had epic meltdown over Nando’s and McDonald’s closing cheered up by ice cream & pizza delivery to help her cope

THERE'S no denying the coronavirus crisis has affected each and every one of our day-to-day lives – but for four-year-old Layla-Rae Charlton, not having access to her favourite fast-food restaurants was one step too far.

The Essex schoolgirl broke down in to floods of tears when she found out McDonald's and Nando's had temporarily closed their doors as a result of the coronavirus outbreak earlier this week.

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The diehard fast-food fan, from Chelmsford, Essex, went into full-on meltdown mode when it dawned on her that she'd have to survive on her mum's cooking alone.

Fortunately, her mum Joanne found the whole thing hilarious and filmed her "drama queen" daughter's meltdown to share with family and friends online.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for Joanne's clip to go viral – and the video has now racked up over 135,000 "likes", comments and shares.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Layla-Rae is ALL of us right now.

And much to our delight, Joanne's clip also caught Deliveroo's attention who have sent Layla-Rae a special delivery to help her cope with the UK's lockdown.

Filming her daughter waiting by the front door, Joanne asks"are you excited?" to which Layla-Rae – now bouncing off the walls – replies "YES!"

When she asks what she's waiting for, Layla-Rae screams: "ICE CREAM!"

Posing in front of her stack of Pizza Hut boxes at the kitchen table, a very chuffed Layla-Rae then chants "Deliveroo!!" before tucking into her dinner.

What's more, Deliveroo have now extended the delivery zone near the family's home in Chelmsford so Layla-Rae and her mum can still have access to their favourite restaurants.

Joanne said: “I think Layla-Rae’s reaction is what a lot of people around the country have been feeling really! She definitely perked up when I told her deliveroo had arranged a special treat for her dinner.

"We’d never been able to get Deliveroo on our street before today so we’re chuffed!"

A spokesperson from Deliveroo added: "When we saw Layla-Rae’s reaction this morning when she couldn't get her favourite takeaways, we knew we had to do something to put a smile back on her face.

"So we worked with our team to launch Deliveroo in the family's area and we can confirm that she has a takeaway en route!"

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