Our guide to the high street sandwiches that really cut the mustard this Bank Holiday

We asked 2017 Sandwich Designer of the Year Martin Willsher to put five fave fillings from five top shops to the taste test.

He rates them out of five and tells Giulia Crouch which were crust awful and picks the sarnies that really cut the mustard.


  • Tesco Just Ham, £1.10 – Ham looks tired and tastes simply awful. I wouldn’t buy it. Not one for you picnic basket. Rating: 1
  • Sainsbury’s Ham Sandwich, No Mayo, £1.10 – Looks like ham’s been shredded instead of sliced. But it tastes better than it looks and the bread is nice and soft. Rating: 3
  • Boots Delicious Simply Ham, £1 – A stingy sandwich and the ham is extremely thin. Overall, very dull. You taste the bread more than the ham. Rating: 0
  • Pret A Manger Ham and Cheese, £2.49 – Thick slice of meat is like gammon and the creaminess of the cheese works really well with saltiness of the ham. I’d buy it. Rating: 5
  • M&S Smoked Ham & Mustard Mayonnaise, £1.80 – Smokey aroma and mustard tang adds something a little bit different to the rest. Rating: 4


  • Tesco Free Range Egg Mayonnaise, £1.80 – It’s very bready and not very eggy. Looks nice but it’s a flavour failure, – that’s no yolk! Rating: 1
  • Pret A Manger Free Range Egg Mayo and Cress, £2.99 – Generous filling is deliciously creamy and the cress adds texture but doesn’t take over the flavour. Egg-cellent. Rating: 5
  • Sainsbury’s Egg & Cress, £1.10 – Bread is soggy, cress overpowers the filling and it’s a sarnie screaming for seasoning. Eggy dread! Rating: 0
  • M&S Free Range Egg & Watercress, £1.80 –  The chunkiness of the egg looks tasty but, sadly, it just doesn’t taste eggy. Rating: 2
  • Boots Simply Egg Mayo, £1 – Peppery and a good texture. Oatmeal bread is pleasant. A bit sparse on the filling, but great value for money.  Rating: 4


  • M&S Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s, £2.30 – Pickle brings a decent crunch but salad overpowers cheddar flavour. Rating: 2
  • Sainsbury’s Cheese, No Mayo, £1.10 – Say cheese! Really good mature cheddar tingles in your mouth and it’s so cheap. Bold, I like it. Rating: 5
  • Pret A Manger Mature Cheddar and Pret Pickle, £2.49 – Doesn’t scream cheese. Flavour overtaken by the other ingredients. Rating: 3
  • Boots Simply Cheese Sandwich, £1.00 – Addition of cream cheese plus cheddar just emphasises general cheesiness. Rating: 2
  • Tesco Cheese Triple, £2.00 – Trio left me thoroughly cheesed off as there’s no flavour of cheese in any of them. Rating: 0


  • Sainsbury’s Tuna Mayo, £1.10 – Doesn’t even taste of fish, let alone tuna. The bread is nice but that doesn’t make up for it. Really bad. Rating: 0
  • M&S Tuna and Sweetcorn, £2.30 – Very peppery. The bread is nice and malty and I like the tuna chunks. Texture is good, this is one you shouldn’t let get away. Rating: 4
  • Pret A Manger Tuna and Cucumber, £2.49 – Filled really well but quite messy. It’s heavy on the pepper and the tuna isn’t that punchy. Rating: 2
  • Tesco Tuna Crunch, £1.10 – Something’s a bit fishy as the bread is too dry and filling gummy. I don’t like raw onion in tuna. Not good at all. Rating: 0
  • Boots Delicious Simply Tuna Mayo, £1 – Looks mushy and bread is quite wet. Claggy on the palette, no real texture or taste of tuna. Rating: 2


  • Sainsbury’s Chicken With Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing, £2 – Dull and claggy. You can’t even taste chicken – or pork. Rating: 0
  • M&S Roast Chicken and Stuffing, £2.50 – Herby flavour with soft chicken. Nicely seasoned. The stuffing could be better dispersed. Rating: 4
  • Pret A Manger Chicken and Avocado, £3.49 – Well filled but doesn’t taste as good as it looks, drowned in too much mayo and avocado. Rating: 3
  • Boots Delicious Roast Chicken & Stuffing, £2.50 – Just like a home roast chicken, great texture and you can actually bite it. Very moreish. Rating: 5
  • Tesco Roast Chicken and Stuffing, £2.20 – Meat looks chunky and not too much mayo but lacks flavour. Underwhelming.  Rating: 2


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