H Samuel has launched a Harry Potter jewellery range… and prices start at £30

H Samuel jewellers has launched a whole Harry Potter range, and prices start at £30.

  • Sterling Silver Harry Potter Charm Bracelet, £60 (no charms included) – buy now

The posh line includes gold-plated earrings, sterling silver necklaces and even Swarovski crystals.

While shoppers can pick between buying a Golden Snitch, the Deathly Hallows, one of Ollivander's wands or a character like Dobby or Hedwig.

Or buy one of the bracelets and start collecting charms like the Night Bus, flying car, Hogwarts Express, Sorting Hat and Harry's acceptance letter – addressed to 'the cupboard under the stairs'.

The collection launched in stores and online this week. Here are some of our favourite pieces…

  • Sterling Silver Deathly Hallows Stud Earrings, £30 – buy now

  • Sterling Silver Sorting Hat Charm, £50 – buy now

  • Golden Snitch Swarovski Necklace, £60 – buy now

  • Lightning Bolt Drop Earrings, £65 – buy now

  • Sterling Silver Dobby The House Elf Charm, £50 – buy now

  • Sterling Silver Voldemort Wand Necklace, £145 – buy now

  • Gold Plated Snitch Stud Earrings, £100 – buy now

  • Sterling Silver Hedwig Owl Necklace, £100 – buy now

  • Sterling Silver Platform 9 3/4 Necklace, £80 – buy now

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