Halloween puzzle challenges you to spot the bat in this spooky scene – so how long will it take you to find it?

But how long will it take for you to spot the bat in this first spooky image?

Vision care experts Lenstore have shared a Halloween-themed brain teaser for us to try out.

It features some cats, ghosts, witch hats and more… but requires you to find a BAT.

According to the creators of the puzzle, on average it takes 45 seconds to find it.

But how quickly can you do it?

If you managed to find the bat in less than 45 seconds then you're clearly an expert at this.

The creature was at the bottom of the image in between a ghost, a cauldron and a pumpkin.

This image full of pumpkins makes our brain go a bit funny.

Apparently there is a poker chip among the dozens of orange jack-o-lanterns.

Artist Dudolf shared this on his page, which boasts 300,000 followers, and urged them to find it.

Could you spot the poker chip in the bottom right hand corner?

It was definitely a hard one to find.

Another brainteaser by the same artist, whose real name is Gergely Dudas, features these tigers.

Hungarian artist Dudas, shared the drawing on International Tiger Day in July, and urged followers to spot the odd one out.

Whilst it can seem confusing at first, it makes sense once you learn that all of the tigers are twins… apart from one.

But how long will it take for you to figure out which one it is?

One poor tiger in the bottom right of the image was all alone, with no twin.

Another one of the Hungarian artist's puzzles requires eagle-eyed  fans to find a magic wand in this busy image of a badger surrounded by sweets.

You'll have to look very hard to find the magic wand among all of the sweets.

The wand is brown with a little yellow star on the top.

This image, among others, appears in the cartoonists new book 'Bear's spooky book of hidden things.'

This is arguably the hardest puzzle, as there are so many small objects, as well as the background being yellow.

But those with amazing eyesight will have spotted the wand in the top right corner of the image.


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