Health-mad mum baffles McDonald's fans by turning her Big Mac into a SALAD

WE all crave McDonald's from time to time, even if your healthy habits prevent you from demolishing a greasy burger and fries.

But one health-mad mum has left McDonald's fans baffled after turning a Big Mac into a salad, while her family enjoyed the real deal.

The Australian woman shared a snap of her "Big Mac salad" on Facebook which she made at home- and it got quite mixed reviews.

The salad was served in a bowl and had all the findings of a traditional Big Mac burger including lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese, shredded meat (in place of the patty) and even her own Big Mac sauce.

The home-made recipe was missing one key element – the burger bun – which is ideal for those who want to reduce how much bread they're eating, but not so much if you love the actual burger.

Some loved the idea, with one saying: "This is how I eat all burgers now that I can't have bread."

'That looks better than you get at Maccas, yummy,' one woman said.

But others suggested nothing beats the real deal and that a salad doesn't come close the a Big Mac treat.

The salads seem to be a popular idea though as others have also shared their at-home creations online.

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