Heartwarming photos show how loyal corgi stuck by owner’s side – as she was giving BIRTH in water bath at home

Ranger the dog supported Brooke Ellingtone during the water birth at her home in Texas, USA.

The pooch can be seen giving her licks of encouragement, before meeting his new human pal Berkeley alongside her mum Brooke and dad Steve.

The heartwarming photo series was captured by birth photographer Kristen Waner, 29, who had snapped the family before.

Brooke had previously been supported by her other corgi, Ranger's brother Ryder, during her first birth.

Kristen revealed that Ranger met her at the front door before heading straight back to Brooke's room – where she was in labour on the bed.

She said he was a calming presence for the mum during her intense contractions, quietly watching and occasionally jumping onto the bed to give her a comforting kiss – but only when he knew the time was right.

When she moved into her birthing bath, the dog sat on the sofa – watching and waiting – and still occasionally giving her a loving smooch.

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