Horrified people slam ‘gross’ wedding dish of eggs with peanut butter and JAM & they hate it came on a paper plate too

WEDDINGS may have changed lately but there’s usually one thing you can bank on – a slap up meal. 

A free bar and a buffet or a three-course are the perks of making it onto the guestlist, which is why people were horrified by a dish of eggs – and peanut butter. 

Devilled eggs wouldn’t be out of place at a wedding spread, but people were less than impressed to discover a caterer was serving eggs stuffed with jam and the nutty spread. 

The dish was branded ‘disgusting’ after a snap of the bizarre meal ended up on Facebook – which was also served on a paper plate. 

Seemingly proud of their creation, the chef said: “Eggs filled with peanut butter and jam.

“Great for kids birthdays, can do 12 for $20 …. can also do weddings,” 7News reported.

That is just disgusting

But the meal was slammed online, with people calling it ‘disgusting’, while the presentation was also questioned. 

One person wrote: “This just gave me morning sickness. And I’m not pregnant.”

Another said: “The audacity to charge $20 for something this gross … I can’t even.”

A third commented: “I’ve never been more glad to have a peanut allergy in my life.”

This person thought: “That is just disgusting. I think I need to go lie down now.”

Someone else pointed out: “I love the small traces of yolk next to the jam. Aesthetically pleasing for sure.”

While this person added: “I’m mostly disappointed in the presentation. You could have at least tried to make this look prettier.”

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