How can I make my windows more private? Woman shares unique way to stop gawping neighbours but not everyone is convinced | The Sun

A SAVVY DIY fan has shared a weird and wonderful tip to stop her neighbours from looking in her windows. 

Home reno fan Helly saw a viral hack to make her windows look frosted with a bottle of glue, but not everyone is convinced.

“TikTok made me do it,” she says in her video. “I’m putting Elmers glue on my window to make it not see through.”

Helly pours some of her glue into a miniature paint tray and covers a tiny roller in the liquid.

“Honestly there might be too much glue on the brush,” she says, as she delicately rolls the gluey roller up and down the window pane. 

“My strategy is to literally put it all the way onto the edge and just wipe that off later,” she adds, filming the roller brushing against the window frame. 

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“I haven’t tried it with a regular paint roller because this is my first time doing it, but it works really well with this sponge roller.” 

Helly continues to spread the glue all over the glass, with the sponge roller making a satisfying sticky noise as she spreads the liquid evenly. 

“Another pro tip, you have to do it like this first,” she says, filming herself rolling in lines from right to left. “Because now I have to go back and make the line blend.

“If you see a little thin spot, you can just go over it.

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“I don’t know why I’m giving you guys tips as if I’ve done this before.” 

With her gluey-window film complete, Helly says: “I guess my naked neighbour doodies are fully over.”

One full bottle of glue covered Helly’s whole sash window from top to bottom. 

“If this looks good like how I’ve seen it on TikTok, anybody can do it – honestly.” 

The next day, Helly goes outside to show off the results of her handiwork. 

She points the camera at her window but all we can see is the reflection of the street behind her.

“It just looks frosted,” she says happily. 

Helly compares her gluey window to another pane of glass with peel-and-stick frost-look sheets. 

“It’s just a little bit more white and bubbles,” she says of her glue-covered window. 

Some internet users have pointed out flaws in Helly’s hack. 

One said: “Just wondering how it would hold up with the summer sun on it? I hope it doesn’t make it melt.” 

A second asked: “Are you worried that people will be able to see everything from outside at night when your lights are on?”

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And a third replied: “Why didn’t you just get a curtain?”

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