I am a 32DD – my do’s and don’ts when it comes to styling if you have a big bust | The Sun

CERTAIN clothing may look fabulous on the hanger but not as flattering on your body.

Skilled stylist Christina laid out the options you should pick and the ones you should avoid if you have big boobs.

Christina is TikTok's sustainable stylist.

She focuses her content on repurposing and finding vintage clothing items instead of resorting to fast fashion items.

In a recent video, she discusses what women with big boobs should and shouldn't wear.

"I'm a 32DD cup size; here are the clothing types I avoid as a larger busted female and the ones I wear instead," Christina says.


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Ruffles in the chest are a no for Christina.

"It only further accentuates the bust and doesn't accentuate the waist, which is what you want," she explains.

Although, if you still want the tall volume similar to the ruffle style, you should look for a puff-sleeve V-neck option.

You can also look for a simple wrap top.

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"Another type of top I stay away from is anything boxy with a high neckline, it just doesn't do anything for me, and again it hides my waist and just has a tent-like look," Christina says next.

However, you can still get that boxy look by pairing an oversized blazer with a tight-fitted shirt.

The blazer satisfies the boxy nature of the outfit, but the tight-fitted shirt highlights your waist and chest subtly.

While tube tops are trending, Christina believes these are not a good option for women with large chests.

Not only will you continuously pull the shirt up, but the placement of the top also creates a "shelf-like" appearance.

"Instead, I would opt for a one-shoulder fitted top. It kind of has the same vibe as the tube top, but one: it gives you more support, and it kind of takes away that shelf-like look I mentioned earlier and adds a different dimension to it," Christina explains.

Lastly, chest support is necessary and backless styles don't provide any.

But to still show some skin, clothes with cutouts are a sexy viable option.

Viewers thanked Christina for her relatable and necessary advice.

"I’ve never related to a video more," one woman wrote, while another commented: "I needed this TikTok in my life."

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