I asked my hair stylist to copy a model’s cut but was left looking like a Harry Potter villain | The Sun

WHILE most models can pull off any haircut, apparently not everyone can pull off a model's haircut.

A woman named Johanna learned that lesson the hard way.

In a TikTok that's racked in over 1 million views, Johanna revealed her disastrous haircut.

She showed her hairstylist a photo of a model with a short, choppy layered cut.

But, Johanna ended up with something completely different.

Although the haircut was not what she wanted, she was able to laugh it off.

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She captioned the now-viral video: "Haircut rating: 0/5."

Meanwhile, in the comment section, one person wrote: "It's giving Professor Snape," which had over 44k people liking the comment.

Others were just as shocked at the results as Johanna, like one who wrote: "I would never go out in public again omg."

Another added: "Are you sure you went to a hair salon and not Petco?"

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Someone else commented: Ummmm bestie you need a refund."

"Baby you don't have that face shape for that. Not all cuts go with everyone's face shape, customer is not always right," one comment read.

To this, Johanna replied in a subsequent video: "I know I'm not a skinny girl but I've been to other hairdressers for something to go with my face…

"Yeah I did ask her before she started cutting 'What do you recommend for my hair?' and she was like 'No that picture will look fine.'"

Johanna then said her hairstylist went a little "scissor happy" with her previously long hair.

She joked: "But it's fine, I'll work with it. It doesn't look that bad right now… I can just curl it, beanie day 24/7, beanies for life, but yeah it's fine."

In another video, Johanna shared she has another appointment with a different salon, and was assured that they have good reviews.

Additionally, one woman asked her hairdresser for platinum blonde but was left looking like a leopard.

Another woman shared how she tried to give herself cute French braids but people couldn't stop laughing at her results.

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